3-Year Kentucky Residential Energy Improvement Study


The house is a system of interrelated parts that need to work together to assure optimal performance within the home. The Kentucky Residential Energy Improvement Study spent the first months of the study collecting data to determine how well typical Kentucky construction practices matched up with key energy code requirements. The results show Kentucky is doing well in some areas but can improve significantly in others. The Study has spent the past year and a half on a training and education effort - meeting with builders, contractors, building inspectors, and other construction professionals all across the state and providing resources to help and support their energy code work.  This course will explain the 3-year Kentucky Residential Energy Improvement Study; what we did, where we are currently, and where we are going.  It will also identify the construction practices typically found needing additional training and support to provide homeowners and builders with the full benefits of complying with the code, and to achieve optimal performance for the home working as a system.